About Mouzers

Hi, my name is Lori and my inspiration for designing and starting this business has to do with a problem I encountered after bringing my 14 year old cat, Mouzer back indoors. She  had a hurt paw and needed to come indoors to heal. I have never been a fan of litter boxes but knew I would have to get her used to one again. She started using the box just like she should but….having two dogs, Tigger a mixed breed, medium size dog and Bandit my miniature Schnauzer, I had a problem with my dogs “snacking on Mouzers’ business”.

Disgusting… so I proceeded to find a solution! First I brought home a box from work, cut a hole in it, and hung a piece of bubble wrap over the opening hoping to discourage my dogs. Alas, they were not deterred! Then I had my big idea, what if I added another box in front of the first box and create a small maze of sorts. I brought home a smaller box cut an opening in it and positioned this box with the opening 90 degrees from the first one. I crudely secured them together and guess what? It kept both dogs out of the litter pan! I was so happy that my idea worked, I figured other people might like it too!

I proceeded to create a more professional prototype and finalized the design with the help and expertise of my manufacturer, Supply One, formerly Speciality Container in Dallas, Texas.

I am very excited about my product and hope that you will give it a try too!