Mouzers “aMazing” Litterbox Cover


Stops Litter Scatter:
Mouzers aMazing Litter Box Cover is designed with offset openings to contain and keep litter off your floor. A standard large litter pan will fit snuggly inside the inner chamber to help your kitty from accidentally “missing” their pan.
Reduces Odor:
The heavy corrugated paper construction of Mouzers aMazing Litter Box Cover, along with the double compartment design, helps to contain and absorb offensive odors.
Keeps Dogs Out:
The offset maze design along with the “cat” size openings will detour and prevent most dogs from accessing your cat’s litter pan.
Environmentally Friendly:
Mouzers aMazing Litter Box Covers are manufactured from sturdy, renewable and recyclable paper products.


Currently available in a unique Zebra designed print, natural Brown Kraft or Klay White corrugated paper.
Dimensions are 30″x16.5″x16.5″.

*Litter pan not included
(standard large litter pan readily available in most discount, grocer, and pet stores.
Recommended size – 18.5″x15.25″x5″.)

**Due to shipping issues, Please contact us directly for International orders or any orders requesting more than (4) Litter Box Covers.


Available for purchase locally at…

Luv Bugs 432-699-4599 – 3306 N. Midkiff, Midland,Tx –